I desperately need you to hold ( studio version)

by Yuli



Purchase this beautiful sad song and enjoy it! Let the mournful back up vocals help you release your own tears. Let me help you get all that sadness out so you can feel all better. Thank you! Best wishes xoxo


I need some sleep
But my hear won't let me rest
I need you to hold
I wanna feel you close
You know all my weaknesses
even though I am the girl
Who pretends to be strong

Chorus: I desperately need you to hold
Madness I can't control
I desperately need you to hold
Don't leave me hanging on to memories
Memories oh memories

The power you have
You certainly know
Its like you put a pill
Into my soul
A drug that you're holding over my life
Even though I am the girl
Who pretends to be strong


Bridge: Come fill that space thats only fo ryou
You know you want to
Take me into your heart
Take me into your arms
And say good bye to old scars



released September 11, 2012
Flat Foot Records production
Mario Robinson and Michael Flasco
Drums: Ruben Jackson
Piano/vocals/songwriting/back up vocals/ukulele : Yuliya Johnson
Bass: Erick Morales



all rights reserved


Yuli Asheville, North Carolina

Yuli is a singer/songwriter. Music had always been her biggest passion. Yuli likes to write music that touch people's hearts. Lyrics are the core of her songs. She believes that songs have life inside of them and its all about putting that out there on the stage. ... more

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