If you wanna be bad

by Yuliya Johnson



This is a fun song. Its a joke....lol.....if anyone claims this song was inspired by him, I will slap his face :D


This is very much a physical attraction
When I saw you I couldn't help, but stare
Thank God, I was wearing short shirts and high heels
The day when I met you, the day when I met you
But if you think you'd turn me back into a good girl, you're dead-wrong
Cause I enjoy all the attention I get
So if you wanna be with me just take my hand oh

Chorus: If you wanna be bad, if you wanna be bad with me
Let's be free right now
If you wanna be bad, if you wanna be bad with me yeahhh
Lets be free right now
If you wanna be bad > repeats

Take me away to the beach for the weekend
Maybe we can make love right on the sand
Laugh at the stares we get from everybody
Cause nothing is more fun than to shock everyone
Once we get back in town we'll change our face book status to complicated
When there's nothing complicated about the way you make me feel.



released June 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Yuli Asheville, North Carolina

Yuli is a singer/songwriter. Music had always been her biggest passion. Yuli likes to write music that touch people's hearts. Lyrics are the core of her songs. She believes that songs have life inside of them and its all about putting that out there on the stage. ... more

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