My Sweet Jack

by Yuliya Johnson



If I wrote this song about 6 or 5 years ago when the actual relationship happened it would have been way too personal to sing about; however, now years later I can truly pour my heart out about how in comparison to all the exes this one man comes out a winner. And because I had someone who was so close to the ideal mate I dream of finding one day and because I am not the type of girl who settles for less, this is just a hopeful song about how good men are out there, good women are out there, there is just all kinds of good out there :D.


"My Sweet Jack"©07.31.2012 Yuliya Johnson

G7 F7
Met up at Starbucks
Tea & Lemon pie
Walking hand in hand
Talking music
That was Jack and I
Now there's a new man
Who is stealing my damaged heart
He doesn't bring me flowers
Like my sweet ex Jack

Chorus: D Amaj7
Jack, he was the best man I ever had, the best man I ever had
Jack oh Jack oh Jack
My sweet Jack
He was the best man I ever had

He brought me coffee on red lights
& carried my heavy loads
He changed my car oil &
Wrote me love notes
We made out in school halls & class
Teachers used to yell at us
But we didn't care
We were so in love, so in love


Bridge: F#6, G6 (starting on 6th fret)
You said you'd go anywhere with me
You gave me so much energy, so much good love
Now I know you were the kind of man who truly believe in me
Lucky girl that has you now
She is blessed, so blessed
But once upon a time, you were mine



released July 31, 2012
Yuliya Johnson



all rights reserved


Yuli Asheville, North Carolina

Yuli is a singer/songwriter. Music had always been her biggest passion. Yuli likes to write music that touch people's hearts. Lyrics are the core of her songs. She believes that songs have life inside of them and its all about putting that out there on the stage. ... more

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