You leave me slightly a little bit amused

by Yuliya Johnson



ahhh....this song means a lot to me......a a way if I started to explain what every word means to me I could probably go on talking for the next hour. So please relate your own experiences to it and make it mean whatever you want it to mean.


Verse 1:
I don't know what you're thinkin
Its been awhile since we talked
You know this feeling
It won't go away
I don't wanna be your bad muse
But you leave me with no choice
Yet your pouty face
And your sweet embrace
is all I really want

Why do You leave me
wanting you
You leave me begging you to stay
You leave me broken and confused
You leave me slightly a little bit amused

We always talk about the weather
When its not what's on our minds
When will you say something that matters
And leave the wine and beer behind
But my heart is breaking for you
And you don't even know
Why can't we talk about the future
Must we only live for tonight
and was I even worth your time



released August 24, 2012
Yuliya Johnson productions :)



all rights reserved


Yuli Asheville, North Carolina

Yuli is a singer/songwriter. Music had always been her biggest passion. Yuli likes to write music that touch people's hearts. Lyrics are the core of her songs. She believes that songs have life inside of them and its all about putting that out there on the stage. ... more

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